Kevin Scot Montgomery

Kevin Scot Montgomery

Kevin Scot Montgomery is 55 and was born in Pasadena, California to his mom from West Virginia and his dad from Texas, so he grew up surrounded by very interesting accents!  Kevin knew from the time he was very little that he wanted to entertain and on his 7th birthday was star, producer, director, costume designer and casting director to a production of “Peter Pan.”

He went on to sing wherever he could and attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and graduated in 1978.  He “came out’ just short of his 21st birthday and searched for a performing career and a relationship for many years.  He gave up on both and shortly thereafter met Dennis Duban.  They immediately knew they would be together for the long term… they have been together for 29 years and were happily married, at their daughter’s behest in 2008… oh yeah… they increased their family by one in 1993 with the birth of their daughter, Chelsea.

Kevin has performed in numerous musical’s in Southern California and ended up in Vegas in a “bad lounge act” when he realized that, “if this is success??? Who needs it?”.  So he retired and that’s when Dennis and Kevin decided to become parents.  Kevin has happily been the “stay at home” dad for the last 18 years, to his beloved daughter, Chelsea.  He has been PTA president at every school Chelsea has attended and dedicated his life to supporting his daughter and her interests.  He has been treasurer, development director, fundraising chair, board member and an active hands on supporter of Chelsea’s educational institutions and is looking forward to his recent appointment to the Muhlenberg College Parent Council.  His 34th career has been giving back to the community by performing, MCing and being auctioneer for many local charities.

He is currently writing a book on his experience of raising a daughter with two dads.


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