Chelsea was introduced to the Ubuntu Education Fund by her Auntie Monica (Dr. Monica Menell Kinberg) about the time of her Bat Mitzvah.  Chelsea was so inspired by their great work she decided to donate her gifts from her Bat Mitzvah and organized a fundraising party for their benefit.  Jacob Lief is an inspiring man that started the UEF while traveling as a student in South Africa and had a chance meeting with a local teacher.  So moved by the plight of the citizens of the township in New Brighten that he teamed up with the teacher, Banks Gwaxula and started the Ubuntu Education Fund.  The Montgomery-Dubans are passionate about the work that The Ubuntu Education Fund is doing and urge everyone to get involved and support such amazing people through a tremendous organization.

From their website:

“Today Ubuntu is reaching over 40,000 children with life-saving health and educational resources and services. We are proud of the numbers, but most of all we are proud of our staff and the children who are taking advantage of being the first generation of free South Africans.”


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